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New PWR Faces

From Left: Jill Schepmann, Christian Nagler, Peter Tokofsky, Emily Southerton
From the left to right: Jill Schepmann, Christian Nagler, Peter Tokofsky, Emily Southerton

Whether or not you've met our newest PWR colleagues at January's program meeting or in Sweet Hall yet, here's a chance to get to know them a little better outside the classroom.

Images of Christian Nagler rock climbing and in a tree.
Christian Nagler: "I'm so impressed at the Stanford students' skill at being students! I also appreciate their mature capacity to grasp the stakes of the social, economic, political crises that we've been discussing in my class" and "I am very grateful for all the work that PWR instructors have given to their assignments and exercises over the years - the resources they have made available to new instructors like me have been so important; I've learned so much looking over the pedagogical materials other instructors have shared, and from the wisdom they've shared in conversation." 
Pictures of Jill Schepmann holding plates of food; with a tennis group; and with her wife.
Jill Schepmann: “I'm really enjoying the creativity and energy that my students bring to their individual work and to one another as a writing community.” 
Mural of the White House from school Emily Southerton works with; homepage of The Poet Warriors Project; photo of Emily with sunset.
Emily Southerton: "I study the development of youth agency in digital and curricular environments. I am currently working with 60 middle school girls and non-binary youth as they reimagine and build social media platforms to support youth voice at their school. Here's a mural at the school that gets at some of these ideas. In addition to my work at Stanford, I amplify the voices of youth poets across the country through The Poet Warriors Project, a digital publishing platform and associated writing curriculum."


Peter Tokofsky shared images of himself leading a study abroad group in Germany, at Carnival with his kid, with hiking with his family.
Peter Tokofsky's photos include one where he shares that "For many years before coming to Stanford, I led a UCLA travel-study program to Germany. Here we are looking at a memorial honoring the anti-Nazi flyers produced by the White Rose resistance group." 


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