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Fall 2022: PWR Comings and Goings

As is our custom at the beginning of the academic year, we take a moment to share transitions in our PWR community.  Read to find out who's coming, who's taking on new roles, and who is moving on to new adventures this year.

Who's Coming

The Hume Center for Writing and Speaking was excited to welcome Cindy Duong to their staff as Administrative Manager (taking over for Shanley Jacobs).  She comes to Hume after six years with Stanford's Internal Medicine Residency Program, where she managed a host of administrative and financial protocols for residents and faculty.  Many of you had the opportunity to meet her during our end of the year lunch in May, but feel free to drop by and say hello to her in Hume!  

Stanford Storytelling Project is welcoming a new lecturer this year: Laura Joyce Davis.  Prior to joining SSP, Laura was one of Podcast Magazine's Top 22 Influencers in Podcasting in 2022, and created 200 episodes of the narrative podcast Shelter in Place, which won the International Women’s Podcast Awards category for “Changing the World One Moment at a Time.” Laura also co-founded a PR News Social Impact Award-winning podcast training intensive with her writer husband Nate, and currently teaches Narrative Podcast Labs, an online course. Before creating Shelter in Place, Laura was a WNYC podcast accelerator finalist, a Fulbright scholar, and an award-winning fiction writer.  

Who's Taking on a New Role

We're excited to welcome Harriett Jernigan to her new role as inaugural Coordinator for the Notation in Cultural Rhetorics.  Harriett draws on two decades of teaching languages, literatures, and cultures in the U.S. and Europe to underrepresented and international students and her diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work at the Technische Universität Berlin and Stanford. Before joining PWR, Harriett served as the coordinator of the English program in the International Communications Department at the Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal, Germany, where she designed and taught an intercultural intelligence curriculum. She has exciting plans for NCR this year, so reach out if you're interested in learning more about the program or how you can be involved!

Lisa Swan will be taking over the role of PWR 1 Course Coordinator this fall from Shay Brawn, who has come to the end of her three-year term as coordinator.  Lisa trained in education with a focus on curriculum and instruction and ran a faculty professional development program prior to Stanford. Lisa brings to the Course Coordinator position many years of experience in PWR 1, the Leland Scholars Program, the Curriculum Committee, and the PWR 1 Workshop.    

As a final note, we're continuing to celebrate the promotion of Meg Formato and Selby Schwartz to the rank of Advanced Lecturer, which was announced in the spring.

Who will be on leave

If you can't seem to find Roberta Wolfson or Raechel Lee in Sweet Hall this fall, there's a good reason: both are on leave in the fall (after September Sessions), but will return for the beginning of winter quarter.

Who's moving on

As always, some of our colleagues are moving on to new adventures.  We wish  Kahdeidra Martin and Efrain Brito well in their new positions.  Efrain has taken a tenure-track position as Assistant Professor at the School of Education at Cal Poly (San Luis Obispo).  Kahdeidra may be leaving PWR, but she'll still be on campus;  this coming year, she's returning to her position as Postdoctoral Scholar of Education for Dr. Anne Charity Hudley, Associate Dean of Educational Affairs at the Stanford Graduate School of Education.

Tiffany Naiman, Lecturer for the Stanford Storytelling Project, accepted a new position at her alma mater, UCLA, in their Herb Alpert School of Music.  Starting this fall she will direct the school’s Music Industry Programs and serve as a Lecturer in the Musicology department.  SSP and PWR will sorely miss her but we're delighted she has the chance to lead such a great program. 

And, as many of you know from her email message, our colleague Tessa Brown has left PWR to pursue her impressive new project: Germ Network, which she describes as "a social media platform reimagined around trust." She writes that "the hope is to launch our end-to-end encrypted messenger in 2023. I spent most of the last year on this project and to make it work, it needs my full attention."  We wish Tessa -- and our other departing colleagues -- the best!

Header image from Another Believer, Pictures of Stanford 2018, Wikimedia Commons

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