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Fall 2019: PWR Comings and Goings

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New instructors pictured above, from left to right: Holly Fulton-Babicke, Sangeeta Mediratta, Kevin Moore, Mutallip Anwar, Harriett Jernigan, Tara Diener. Not pictured: Storytelling lecturer Tiffany Naiman

As we enter into Fall quarter, we're excited to welcome several new instructors to our community and to share exciting news about the new roles that some of our returning instructors are taking on this year in our program.  Read below for more details about who's coming, who's staying, and who's leaving us this year.

Who's Coming

We're very pleased to officially welcome our new cohort of career-track PWR lecturers, some of whom have been part of our PWR community for a while, and others who are joining us for the first time.

  • Mutallip Anwar comes to Stanford from Highline College in Washington. Previously, he completed his PhD in Language & Rhetoric at the University of Washington, where his dissertation focused on the discourse of ethnic minority protests in China. His fall PWR 1 course is “Rhetoric and Social Change.”
  • Tara Diener comes to us all the way from the 2nd floor of Sweet Hall, where she has been a fellow in the Thinking Matters program for the past three years. She completed her doctoral work in Anthropology and History at the University of Michigan, with certification in Science and Technology Studies, focusing on infrastructures of clinical knowledge in post/colonial Sierra Leone. Her fall PWR 1 course is "Anatomy of a Discipline: Rhetorics of Health, Illness, and Medicine."
  • Lindsey Felt, who was a fellow with PWR from 2016-2018 and a lecturer from 2017-2018, will be taking on the role of career-track lecturer starting this year.
  • Holly Fulton-Babicke comes to Stanford from Arizona State University, where she completed her doctorate in Writing, Rhetorics, and Literacies. Her dissertation studied 'derailing' rhetorics in online discourses of race, gender, and class, with a focus on TED Talk comments. Her fall PWR 1 course is "Writing about Social Advocacy in Networked Worlds: From Ghost Bikes to the Googleplex."
  • Hayden Kantor, who joined us last year as a PWR fellow, will be teaching with us as a career-track lecturer, starting this year.
  • Raechel Lee, who was part of our first fellows' cohort, is now a career-track lecturer with our program.
  • Kevin Moore is joining us from UC Santa Barbara, where he taught as a lecturer in the Writing Program from 2013-2019. He holds an MA in English from the University of Arizona (2007), and a PhD in English from UCLA (2013). His fall PWR 1 course is "Trust, Rhetoric, and Writing." 
  • Following her time as a Thinking Matters Fellow, Tiffany Naiman is joining the Stanford Storytelling Project this year as a career-track lecturer.  She received her doctorate in Musicology from UCLA. Tiffany also holds master's degrees in African American Studies and Musicology, and a BA in American Literature and Culture all from UCLA. Tiffany is a scholar of popular music, temporality, and disability studies with secondary specializations in gender, voice, and media studies. Along with her musicological work, Tiffany is a DJ, electronic music composer, and award winning documentary film producer.
  • Irena Yamboliev, who has been teaching with us for many years, will be taking on the role of career-track lecturer, starting this year.

Finally, we're excited to have four additional lecturers as part of our community this year, some of whom you know, and some who might be new to you:

Who's taking on a New Role or Position

  • Shay Brawn will be taking over as PWR 1 Course Coordinator from Chris Kamrath, who completed his three-year term as PWR 1 CC in Spring 2019.
  • Now freed up from his PWR 1 CC responsibilities, Chris Kamrath is taking on a new role as the first Writing Specialist for Political Science and International Relations. 
  • Meanwhile, Jennifer Stonaker is succeeding Shay as the Writing Specialist for the Human Biology Program.

Who's on Leave and Who's Leaving

We have two instructors on leave this year: Selby Schwartz and Ashley Newby.  

In addition, some of our colleagues have left PWR for other adventures.  We'll miss the following, and wish them best of luck in the future:  Sarah Hillenbrand, Lily Lamboy, Clara Lewis, Gigi Otalvaro, Sarah Perkins, and Renren Yang.  As a last note, we wanted to share that our beloved colleague and PWR icon, Paul Bator, has decided to retire, effective September 2019.  His Stanford email address should work through September in case you want to write and wish him well.

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