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Up Close with Student Award Winners: September 2020

Spring 2020 Lunsford online

The last six months have been unusual times, with COVID-19 and accompanying shelter-in-place orders profoundly changing the day-to-day experience of teaching and learning. However, our students continue to do excellent work, even within these constraints and so we want to recognize and celebrate their achievements.

In Spring and Summer 2020, all PWR 2 courses were taught online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Given the unsettled nature of those quarters, we decided to suspend our usual Lunsford award process, which involved nominees presenting live in front of a panel of final round judges, who would then select two winners.   Even beyond the logistical difficulties of live presentation, students had adapted in so many different ways to delivering oral presentations in an online environment that it seemed prohibitively difficult to evaluate them in relation to one another for the purposes of awarding a prize.  Instead, the Lunsford Committee decided to celebrate equally the range of creative and powerful presentations that were nominated.  Accordingly, we are celebrating all the Spring and Summer nominees as Lunsford Honorees and have collected recordings of their presentations in a gallery showcase. We invite you to visit the gallery to be inspired by the exemplary work that our students continue to do even under difficult conditions (please note, we're still processing some of the videos for spring and summer, so check back over the next few weeks to see additional honoree videos!).

The Lunsford Honoree model will stay in place as long as PWR continues to teach remotely. 

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