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Up Close With Student Award Winners: December 2021

Boothe Prize Essay booklets

In this issue, we're spotlighting the winners of the Spring/Summer 2021 Boothe Awards.  They'll be honored at our Awards Ceremony in May 2022.

Angelique Charles-Davis: Boothe Prize Winner (Spring/Summer 2021)

Angelique Charles-Davis

Winning Essay Title: "America's Broken Promise: Examining Black Racial Identity in the School Choice Binary" 

Angelique is from NYC and plans on majoring in Symbolic Systems with a minor in modern languages. She is especially interested in the intersections of language, education, and technology. Outside of class, she loves biking and watching movies. 

Reflecting on her PWR 1 class with Dr. Lisa Swan, Angelique writes, "My class was one of the formative parts of my freshman year. I learned how to turn research into an exploratory process, constantly challenging my preconceived notions. I am grateful for how deeply I got to engage with a topic that means a lot to me, and for how much support I received along the way."

Jade Araujo: Boothe Prize Honorable Mention (Spring/Summer 2021)

Jade Araujo

Honorable Mention Essay Title: "A Legacy of Safety: Comprehensive Policy for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women" 

Jade plans to major in Political Science and minor in Spanish. Originally from Juneau, Alaska, she is interested in the interaction between racial and gender inequality and our current political system. She also enjoys taking English classes. She is a member of Stanford American Indian Organization (SAIO) and Stanford Women in Politics (SWIP). Outside of coursework and clubs, she loves reading classic novels and watching movies with family.

Here's what Jade wrote about her experience in PWR 1 with Dr. Roberta Wolfson: "During my time in PWR 1, I learned that writing is an effective way to disrupt the status quo. One can never underestimate the power of the pen – it is the best tool to bring about positive change. With the rhetorical skills that I developed in PWR 1, I am better equipped to combat injustices in the political sphere. Whether it be through writing policy or formulating innovative solutions, my ultimate goal is to shed light on issues that are too often left in the margins."

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