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Cross-Section Dress Rehearsals

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This activity mixes students across PWR 2 sections for presentation rehearsal. Each rehearsal session is facilitated by a PWR instructor or OCT, and has three students max. This format allows students to practice with at least one (usually more) audience from outside of their class. 

Author(s): Selby Schwartz, Meg Formato, & Maxe Crandall, adapted for online classes by Raechel Lee

Course: PWR 2 

Activity length and schedule: Week 7 or 8. Participating instructors will discuss due dates for the presentations in their class and agree on the time that works best for them. Plan one week for all the rehearsal sessions, with each session being ~60 minutes. 

Note: While the rehearsal takes place in week 7 or 8, this activity requires advanced planning, starting with reaching out to fellow PWR 2 instructors before the quarter starts. See details below.

Activity goals:

  • To provide students the opportunity to practice their presentation with a new audience

  • To encourage students to learn from one another, and to reflect on their own presentation/project as they observe and analyze others’  

  • To offer more flexibility in scheduling during what is often a busy time of the quarter

Activity details: Please see this document