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Teaching Writing 

Welcome to Teaching Writing from the Program in Writing and Rhetoric. On this site you can find resources for teaching writing, rhetoric and oral communication classes, and news and information about teaching in PWR.

Quick Links for 2023-2024

Access materials and documents designed specifically to support your teaching in the current academic year.


ESF/PWR Students respond to Tara Westover’s talk on writing and her book, Educated

PWR Guide

From designing your course to developing your class materials - the PWR Guide provides a comprehensive overview of teaching in PWR.

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Visit our Teaching section to get ideas for effective pedagogical practices for teaching writing, rhetoric, and oral communication.

The Artistic Ensemble at San Quentin, Photo by Peter Merts).

PWR In the News

Check out the latest news on writing and rhetoric at Stanford.

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Classroom Activities

Browse activities designed by PWR lecturers to support their pedagogical work teaching writing, rhetoric, and oral communication.

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PWR Voices: Talking Wellness Rhetoric and Neoliberalism with Shannon Hervey-Lentz

In Spring 2022, Shannon Hervey-Lentz piloted their new PWR 1 course "The Rhetoric of Wellness: The Social Context of Mental and Physical Health and Wellbeing," whose topic abundantly resonates with students and PWR lecturers alike. Newsletter writer Gabrielle Moyer had the opportunity to chat with Shannon about the class, self-care, well-being, and the importance of these issues in today's stressful social/political context.

Talking Wellness Rhetoric and Neoliberalism